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"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more you there is in life to celebrate." — Oprah Winfrey

Located in a small Tokyo apartment, two males were decorating the living room with party streamers and confetti. They snickered quietly to themselves, excited for the upcoming event that was to take place. The two, Urameshi Yusuke and Kuwabara Kazuma, were preparing a surprise birthday party for their friend, Aurora Cerys. She was supposed to come over in about half an hour in order to celebrate her twenty-first birthday.

Another male and their friend, Hiei, was in the apartment but he wasn't decorating at all. Instead, he was staring out the living room window with a blank look in his crimson eyes. He wasn't much of a "party person." Their other friend, Minamino Shuuichi, but also known as "Kurama" by his friends, was out. He was taking Aurora out on a date to keep her occupied until the preparations were completed.

Yusuke smiled proudly when he finished hanging the "Happy Birthday" sign near the ceiling. "All done with the big one!" he said as he stood back to admire his work. "She's gonna love what we did with the place! I was such a genius to plan the party at his place."

Turning his head, Kazuma made a frown. "Y'know, I wanted to do the party at my place, Urameshi." He was cleaning the dining table as well as around the area so they could set down the food that was still cooking in the kitchen. "It took forever to clean up your place. It's such a pigsty! We wouldn't have to do that at my house!"

"Oh, quit whining!" Yusuke argued as he stuck his tongue out. "My place was the best place to hold the party 'cause Kurama's parents would be disturbed and your sister would get pissed if you made too much noise." He gave him a grin as he put a hand on his shoulder. "How about we just be happy that we're holding a party for her anyway, huh? Don't make such a face."

Hiei didn't look from the window as he sighed and mumbled to himself. He could only imagine how the majority of the party would go. Drinking heavily, lots of noise so loud that the neighbors would complain, and not to mention a few lewd games here and there. He had planned to slip out of the apartment, at first, but Kurama convinced him to stay and enjoy himself. The fire demon was none too happy, to have fallen for the fox demon's cajolery. Now he was thinking about ways to "fix" his mistake, until--

"Hey, Hiei!" Yusuke's voice immediately cut him from his thoughts. "Y'think, you could help me decide which beer to use for the party?"

Grumbling quietly, Hiei turned slightly to face the ex-Spirit Detective. "I don't care what you choose, Detective. I wouldn't be drinking it so it doesn't matter what alcoholic beverage you choose." He directed his gaze back to the window and it grew silent in the living room for a while.

The black-haired Mazoku pouted at the short demon. "Fine. Be that way." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his cellphone as he started searching through his contacts list. "You think Aurora has a favorite?" he asked, half to himself and half to the other two men in the room.

Kazuma gave him an "are you serious?" look. Hiei narrowed his eyes in response to the half-rhetorical question. "What part of 'surprise party' don't you understand? I thought she wasn't supposed to know."

"You sure did your research," Yusuke snickered, his lips curling into a wide, mischievous grin. He closed his phone as he walked closer to the window. "You sure you don't secretly like surprise parties and whatnot?"

"It's basic knowledge. If you had a working brain, you'd know this as well."

"Aww, no need to hide it, Hiei," Yusuke teased, nudging him lightly in the arm. "I know how much you're starting to love the customs and traditions of the human world~"

Hiei grew even more irritated. "Don't touch me. And don't make up nonsense that you can't back up."

Suddenly, Yusuke's phone beeped and he flipped it open. He had received a text message from Kurama that said: "I'm heading back to the apartment with Aurora. Is everything ready?"

Going to reply to Kurama's message, Yusuke looked back at the apartment and smiled when he saw everything was decorated. "Yep!" he texted back. "We're all ready to go! Food's almost done but the decorations are all up."

A few seconds passed before Kurama replied, "Good to hear. :] We'll be there shortly. Probably about five minutes."

"M'kay. See you then!"

Yusuke flipped his phone closed as he looked back at Hiei and Kazuma. He grabbed the party hats that sat on the dining table and threw one to the carrot-top, snapping one on Hiei's head. "Time to hide~ And sorry, Hiei, you're coming, too."

"I'm not participating in--" Hiei gasped as he was grabbed by the arm and yanked behind the couch. The lights were turned off but the fire demon glared at Yusuke. "I hate you."

There was a knock on the door and Kazuma hurried to open the door, hiding behind it with a quiet laugh. Kurama and Aurora walked in and took off their shoes. It was still dark and Aurora looked around.

"Why is so dark in here?" she asked as she looked up at the fox demon with a raised eyebrow. "And it's so quiet--"


The lights flicked on and Yusuke and Kazuma popped out from their hiding spots. Hiei didn't really bother greeting her but stuck his head out anyway. Aurora's eyes lit up when she saw the decorations as well as the presents stacked on the couch. "Wow! Is all this for me?"

"Of course it is!" Yusuke said with a laugh. "It's your birthday! Who else would we have prepared it for today?"

Aurora laughed. "I guess you have a point." She smiled brightly as she hugged all four of her friends since Hiei didn't have much of a chance to get away. "Thanks. I love it all! You guys are the best!"

The light ding! from the oven broke up the group hug. Kazuma grinned. "Food's ready~! Let's eat!"

Everyone started moving towards the table, while Yusuke skipped to the fridge. "I'll get the beer! Then we'll really get this party started!"

Oh, it feels so nice spending time with my Kurama—/shot Ignore my silliness. This two-shot was written as part of a commission for ~Thieving-Pup. Hope you enjoy!

Feedback, comments, and critiques are greatly loved~ :3

Part 1 | Part 2

Aurora Cerys is © to ~Thieving-Pup; Minamino Shuuichi "Kurama" is © to Togashi Yoshihiro's YuYu Hakusho; Story is © to moi, =Yumiko12345~ :heart:
Thieving-Pup Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Love it so far~!
I couldn't help but smile the whole time reading part 1, and chuckle a bit at the light bickering of Yusuke and Kazuma. Onward to part 2!
Yumiko12345 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student Writer
Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :D
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